Engaging. Creative. Unique. Value. Respect. Reliable. Longevity. Those are words that are hard earned and synonymous with the Jensen brand.

Video producers. Photographers. Social media specialists. We blend cinematic beauty with advanced educational content, engaging & helping in a way real people connect to. We love to engage, be creative, and have fun doing so. We bring the culmination of our 24 years experience and networking in the fly fishing industry as guides, lodge owners, and magazine publishers.

Our “As It Happens” series is our flagship on YouTube and InstagramTV (IGTV views are currently much higher given our initial focus on that platform). We invite you, your company and lodge, guide or outfitter operation to our series.



We fish & film 2-3 days with you on your waters. In advance of the trip, we work together to communicate what best to focus on - a hatch event, topic or special tactic. We film what naturally happens on the water in our time. If conditions preclude our plans then we capture what unfolds and tell that story. There is high value in unexpected situations as some of the most engaging moments that reach an audience is unscripted - the most viewed and engaging content includes sense of place, the river environment, personality, knowledge of tips and tactics and intimate engagement with fish. We will not fabricate events - it has to be as it happens, to keep authenticity.


1 - THE PRODUCT -  We produce 1 extended “As It Happens” Series video to our YouTube & IGTV channel, sharing to Facebook. This video will be 15 to 45 minutes duration. 

2 - THE REACH -  We will post the videos to our channel feeds (165K between Instagram, Facebook & YouTube). We strongly encourage you to share content to your feeds as well as the content is a tool to use. We tie in our networking relationships that have large audiences of more than 1M followers in the fly fishing community. Working with us offers you a two-pronged campaign of quality content and massive targeted reach.

Cost of fuel, food, accommodation (with you, in a hotel, etc) + $2500. This covers 2 days travel, our time with you, 3 days editing & production time, and sharing to our social media following & reach.
*We do not do work for commissions of sales or bookings. Our business is promotion of you. We produce content (tools) for use in our channels and our network reach as well as for you to use in your website and social media to garner sales. Our authenticity is predicated upon being an independent voice sharing your voice, not an advertorial service contingent upon sales to our audience. 

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We are serious fly fishers inspiring fly fishers through authentic media. Our engagement is incredibly high on Facebook & Instagram. Our reach is high. ORVIS ENGAGEMENT TRACKING: From January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020 our video posts featuring Orvis rods, packs and gear on Instagram and Facebook reached 125 MILLION+ people through viral spread.

Tom Rosenbauer, Marketing manager, Orvis Rod & Tackle
[email protected]: "I have worked with Dave and Amelia Jensen for about 15 years.  I first met them when they managed Fortress Lake Lodge and was impressed with their interpersonal skills and their knowledge of fly fishing.  Later, I had the pleasure of co-hosting an episode of The New Fly Fisher TV show that featured Dave and Amelia and spent four days getting to know them better. We have since become great friends and business associates.

Dave and Amelia are perhaps Orvis’ most valuable product testers.  They use gear hard, are critical and thoughtful, and great communicators, even if they are on the other side of the world.  We rely on them to get the details of our technical products just right.
I have watched their video production skills go from basic to outstanding in the past few years.  There are no other video content providers who can explain the intricacies of fly fishing skills as well.  Their perception of how to share this information is supported by their world-class videos of feeding trout.
I have relied on the Jensens to provide content for an advanced series of fly-fishing films, published each Monday on the Orvis blog and social channels.  These videos have proven to be some of our most successful teaching videos because the content is so well done.  But even more important is that I can rely on them.  Dave and Amelia always follow through on what they have promised, on time and in a polished form.
Dave and Amelia are a couple of the most valuable partners Orvis has. They are content providers, official Orvis ambassadors, and field testers.  And their large social media presence as made our association with them even more valuable.  If all our ambassadors had their skills and work ethic my job would be a lot easier!"

"Dave & Amelia - I’ve been busy basking in the refracted limelight. Omg, unbelievable and amazing are just some of the superlatives tripping over my tongue. Maruia pt1 advanced was Epic! The way you guys have captured the essence of our whanau, business and environment is phenomenal. We feel so fortunate to have been a part of the story!!!! The camera doesn’t lie and I’ve been reliving some of those moments as I close my eyes and wishing I didn’t seem such a goose. The way you guys capture the moment, tell the story and portray your art is really one for the ages!!! You guys will forever have a home away from home based in the Maruia Valley whenever you can get over again!!!"
Ashley Dean, Maruia Motels, New Zealand

"The videos that Jensen Fly Fishing shot & shared on their social media are exceptional. Seeing our lodge location shared & directly tagged so many times to such a large audience has led to many new followers each time they were shared to their feed. The videos & photos are excellent. We are currently working these videos and photos that Jensen Fly Fishing provided us into our social media & website digital campaigns as they help highlight our location and all that it offers!"
Pedro Ochoa, Estancia Tecka, Argentina

"Dave and Amelia Jensen have been among the best ambassadors and filmmakers I have ever worked with. Their work for Orvis News, Orvis Fly Fishing, and Orvis Adventures has been impeccable, brand-right, and it has always come in on-schedule and on-budget. Because they know both the sport and industry of fly fishing so well, I usually need to offer just short-hand instructions that they can run with, and I haven’t been disappointed yet with the result of any collaborations. And if we need to change gears in the middle of a project, they are always accommodating and ready to adjust. Add to that the fact that they are both kickass anglers, and you can see why Orvis works with them so often."
Phil Monahan - Managing Editor, Digital Content at The Orvis Company 

"We have partnered with Dave and Amelia annually for a day (or two) on the water for a few years in a row now. Initially we were doing this as part of a larger advertising program that encompassed some print advertising as well as the video content. More recently these days have been an opportunity to focus on specific techniques while on the water. We've always approached our day on the water as a fishing day with the hope of putting together some worthwhile content to share with on-line audiences. Dave and Amelia are open to our suggestions about what we'd like to focus on and work with us leading up to the day and throughout the entire process to create content that exceeds our expectations. They are excellent behind the camera and easy to work with." 
Nancy Storwick Fish Tales Fly Shop, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dave and Amelia Jensen for the better part of 15+ years.  As guides, operators and media/marketing specialists in the fly fishing industry, their thoughtful and authentic approach has always been steadfast.  Their passion as anglers is only rivaled by their level of professionalism in the fly fishing industry.  Both are goal driven and willing to go the extra distance to ensure a high quality product is the end result."
Tom Evenson - Pro and Endorsed Programs Manager, The Orvis Company

"Orvis has been working with the Jensen’s for more than 10 years and they always deliver. From detailed field testing feedback, to collaborating on which problems to solve next, they are among our most trusted advisers. They are always willing to go the extra mile when needed. No team in fly fishing has the complete package like Dave and Amelia. Our product has improved thanks to their involvement."
Shawn Combs - Director Product Development/Design - Fish/Hunt, The Orvis Company

"Mr & Mrs Jensen thank you eternally! I’ve been trying to find the words of our gratitude, amongst trying to find clean water (west coast spring). Part 2 was phenomenal! I feel like my cameo is the highlight of my career. Honestly though the way you guys captured what we refer to as our slice of paradise is beautiful! Your videography is an art and the way you tell the story is captivating. I’m sure you’ll be recognised when you're dead or cut your ear off as do all great artists. The feedback has been overwhelming and you have portrayed our venture exactly as we imagined. Even our fathers enjoyed and could follow along which is real recognition. Thank you thank you thank you and we’ll hopefully see you guys soon!"
Ashley Dean
Owner Maruia Motels, New Zealand. 

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Please provide a description of your project vision, timing, etc.
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