Undercut Banks: "Principles of Locating & Spotting Trout"

In this KEY fly fishing course, we discuss and outline the core concepts of how to locate & spot trout in undercut banks. It's an excellent tool to have in your fly fishing knowledge base in order to fully maximize time on the water. Even if you only have 2 feet of visibility on your trout stream or river, you can easily locate & spot trout applying the tactics & techniques we teach here!


In this online course you will learn

We discuss what is needed to locate & spot trout in or near undercut banks. We discuss eyesight and sunglasses and all things related to what helps you see.  

What we look for when trying to locate and spot trout isn't what most people think. Rare is the time it's as obvious as looking at fish in a tank of gin-clear water. Let's introduce the concept of the smudge hunt and examine what that entails. 

As we progress through the art of smudge-hunting we discuss  what else we look for when locating and spotting trout in and near undercut banks. Give-aways like color, movement, lower fins, spotting and color shifts are important!
We further break down the available habitat and micro-habitat features and types commonly associated in or near undercut banks, and look at finding the trout often associated with them.
This course wouldn't be complete without discussing where to position ourselves to best see trout holding in and about undercut banks. We really only have two options in the whole undercut bank complex and we discuss which option is best, when & why.

"I TRULY ENJOYED your video series of undercut banks. It has provided me with a far better understanding and appreciation for careful scouting my rivers and streams. Your techniques will definitely reduce the frequency of my blind casting for trout. "- Paul M

"That was an awesome series. There is something there for all ability levels. Thank you so much."

- Paul S

"Outstanding videos! The cadence, visual effects and background music are superb. Using short segments versus a single long video allows for greater retention of the info being communicated. So well done, thank you." - Gary K

This is THE Course You Need This Season!

There is no better place to learn to spot trout than in & about undercut banks. We're constantly re-taught to slow down, be patient & observant... a stream's best trout are often close!


Key benefits from this course

  • By learning how to spot trout you'll increase your chances of catching trout in undercut banks.
  • You'll have a better understanding of how trout use undercut banks and their feeding tendencies from them.
  • You'll be able to identify a prime lie within an undercut bank.
  • You'll know how best to approach the undercut bank to spot trout.
  • You'll understand what conditions affect spotting trout in undercut banks.
  • And you'll find trout that you may have otherwise walked past and that will open up a whole new world of fly fishing opportunity:)


The BEST part of our courses is the Q&A available in each lesson - as you have questions about that unit we respond. It's a great additional resource to tap into as you work your way through the course!