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We’re husband & wife team Amelia & Dave from Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada. We love to fly fish, film, and photograph fly fishing. We do so professionally and recreationally, spending 250+ days a year on trout water in Canada, USA, Patagonia, and New Zealand.  We especially love sharing the experiences and knowledge we gain with you - it's why this website exists!

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Our most impactful involvements in our fly fishing career include:

We host Orvis Master-Class / Advanced Tactics Instructional Series (2016 - 2021)
Ambassadors for Orvis Fly Fishing & Smith Optics
Our Travel has led us to New Zealand’s South Island 13 years running; Patagonia as well as Montana and Western Canada.
Contract Video Marketing for various fly fishing lodges & fly shops.
We've been published in most mainstream fly fishing magazines in N America.
Owned & published the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine, est 1971 (Canada’s #1 selling fishing issue) 2014 - 2017
Produced the Brown Trout Project (2014); Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers (2012); Fly Fishing Alberta’s Hatches (2002 - 2004) DVDs.
Owned & Operated Fortress Lake Retreat (2005 - 2015) winning Orvis ELOG Expedition of the Year in 2011 & 2013, finalist 2012.
Owned & Operated Fly Fish Alberta Guide Company (1996 - 2015).
Led Fisheries Management Plan and Catch & Release lobbies in our home province of Alberta on the Raven, Red Deer, Ram drainages; we are directly responsible for the Alberta Government instituting the Emergency Stream Closures Protocol (Hoot Owl Restrictions); we formed the Alberta Streamwatch Coalition (2000 - 2008); were members of the Alberta Provincial Fisheries Round Table (2008 - 17); Members of various regional Fisheries Round Tables & Committees (1997 - 2017); Chaired the Alberta Wilderness Association BigHorn Wildland Conservation Coalition (1997 - 1999).
Hosted the Fly Fish Alberta Forum 1998 - 2008, peaking at 12M hits/month.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Fly Fishing is an involved sport. As you progress and target trout found in interesting niche engagements there are subtle details that impact consistency of success. Our job as anglers is to identify, pre-plan, control and execute our actions. 


IT ALL COMES TOGETHER IN OUR COURSES: The value of our videography and experience is to help you. We've captured our course video content in a manner that puts you on the water with us - sharing first-hand what does and doesn’t work. Our courses are designed to improve your confidence in making timely, strategic and consistent decisions on the water. Let's master the chess games of fly fishing together!


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