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Fly Fishing is an involved sport. As you progress and target trout found in interesting niche engagements there are subtle details that impact consistency of success. Our job as anglers is to identify, pre-plan, control and execute our actions. 

IT ALL COMES TOGETHER IN OUR COURSES - The value of our videography and experience is to help you. We've captured our course video content in a manner that puts you on the water with us - sharing first-hand what does and doesn’t work. Our courses are designed to improve your confidence in making timely, strategic and consistent decisions on the water. Let's master the chess games of fly fishing together!

Our courses examine gear and setups; approach; casting tactics and techniques specific to the course topic; seasonal considerations; water type, clarity, temperature and flow considerations; fly choices and fly dynamics as well as fly systems; hatches/entomology; head hunting; sight-fishing possibilities; Variety of Situations & Scenarios; Retrieves; Presentation Techniques; Stream Strategies & Tactics; Accessories & Kit Bag Discussion.


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